• Tacoma News Tribune 2007

    Excerpt of a Review of Concatenations by Rosemary Ponnekanti

    ...But if you think that’s good, then walk on. For at the corner of Broadway and South 11th Street is one of the most captivating visual fantasies ever to inhabit these windows.

    Margot Myers’ “Concatenations” describes an imaginary landscape, terrain lines from a relief map reconfigured into a spider’s web of allusions. Black sumi ink drifts across the windowpane, sucked closer into a whirlpool on the end. In the central 4-foot-deep space, wavy silk curtains hang top to bottom like pale blue ghosts, their own white terrain lines and dots playing with the changing light and street reflections. Behind, the landscape continues, the ink lines now circled concentrically, a Milky Way of lava pools. It’s the kind of art you want to spend your lunch hour looking at.