Installations > Qagerluteng

This temporary piece is an exploration of aerial landscape, the relationship between macro and micro imagery, and the visual and audio distortion caused when moving quickly towards earth from the air. This installation is an amalgamation of a variety of elements : aerial photos that I took while traveling over the Nushagak river, detail photos of dense tundra foliage, layering of rapid succession photos I made of tide and stream action, drawings and prints that initially described the spongy, grass covered landscape of the tundra. All of these elements were gathered up, digitally altered and printed to produce layers of translucent, fluid and blurred information taken from this specific landscape. I printed on a variety of white silk fabrics in subtly different textures, weaves and surface sheen to produce a slight shimmer to unite the fragmented portions of the installation. Creating a large piece by breaking things apart is in a sense the opposite of many of my works, which work to unite smaller segments to produce an image with recognizably connected elements. The black river on the wall is meant to create a sense of deep, wild power that both cuts through the image and also pulls the disparate elements together. The printed and pinned fragments describe the land in a tiled, cellular way that is either beginning to form order out of chaos, or is in the process of exploding.

Sumi on drywall, Digital prints on silk, pins
10' high x 15' long

yupik translation "they exploded"